PARKER, PAZ was arrested in Assumption Parish, Louisiana. More information is available about PARKER, PAZ such as age, location, charges and bond amounts (if any).

*Arrest details

Name reported: PARKER, PAZ


Race: Black or African American

Sex: Male

DOB: 02/08/2005

Arrest date: 04/03/2024



Charge: 14:130.1 – OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE – Destruction/Damage/Vandalism (FELONY); Arrest Date 04/03/2024; Bond – Unspecified; Charge: 14:69.1 – ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF STOLEN FIREARM; Arrest Date 04/03/2024; Bond – Contact Judge; Charge: 40:1753 – MANUF./MER.SHALL NOT PERMIT MACH.GUN TO PASS TO OTHER THAN: (FELONY); Arrest Date 04/03/2024;