Terrance James Beers

Terrance James Beers was arrested in Shawnee County, Kansas. More information is available about Terrance James Beers such as age, location, charges and bond amounts (if any).

*Arrest details

Name reported: Terrance James Beers


Booking Number: 2024-00003044

Booking Date: 5/15/2024

Age: 44

Gender: M

Race: B



Charge Description: Flee or attempt to elude LEO by engaging in reckless driving

Charge Description: Driving While License Suspended; Unclassifed

Charge Description: Unsafe Turning Or Stopping-Fail To Give Signal

Charge Description: Fail To Stop For A Red Traffic Control

Charge Description: Driving Wrong Direction On 1-Way Rd/hiway

Charge Description: Reckless Driving; Unknown Conviction

Charge Description: Aggravated burglary; Dwelling for felony, theft, DV, or sexually motivated crime

Charge Description: Interference with LEO; Conceal/alter/destroy evidence in felony case

** This post is showing arrest information only. This information does not infer or imply guilt of any actions or activity other than their arrest.