Francisco Manuel Perez Aguilar

Francisco Manuel Perez Aguilar was arrested in Saline County, Kansas. More information is available about Francisco Manuel Perez Aguilar such as age, location, charges and bond amounts (if any).

*Arrest details

Name reported: Francisco Manuel Perez Aguilar


Booking Number: -176418

Booking Date: 2/11/2024 10:48:00 PM

Age: 22

Gender: M

Race: Black

Height: 5′ 6”

Weight: 236

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

City: Salina, KS



Charge Description: Use/poss drug paraphernalian/human body
Bond Amount: $1,500.00

Charge Description: Operate a MV w/o a valid license
Bond Amount: $1,500.00

Charge Description: Poss of marijuana
Bond Amount: $1,500.00

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