Travis A Ley

Travis A Ley was arrested in Vigo County, Indiana. More information is available about Travis A Ley such as age, location, charges and bond amounts (if any).

*Arrest details

Name reported: Travis A Ley


Age: 47

Gender: M

Race: W

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 195 lbs

Hair Color: GRY

Eye Color: BRO


Charge Description: Resisting Law Enforcement – def. knowingly or intentionally flees from law enforcement officer after the officer has, by visible or audible means, including siren or lights, identified self and ordered the def. to stop

Charge Description: Criminal confinement-person confined is less than 14 and is not the confining personÆs child; committed by using a vehicle; or results in bodily injury to another person
Bond Amount: $1,000,000.00

Charge Description: Strangulation

Charge Description: Domestic Battery – battery on spouse or former spouse; live-in or former live-in; or on person with whom def. has a child

Charge Description: Conversion –

Charge Description: Cemetery Mischief – damage a cemetery or facility used for memorializing the dead

Charge Description: Theft, at least $750 but less than $50,000 value or property is firearm or prior theft or criminal conversion conviction
Bond Amount: $1,000,000.00

Charge Description: Possession of meth

** This post is showing arrest information only. This information does not infer or imply guilt of any actions or activity other than their arrest.