Susana Aime Rizo Herrera

Susana Aime Rizo Herrera was arrested in Hamilton County, Indiana. More information is available about Susana Aime Rizo Herrera such as age, location, charges and bond amounts (if any).

*Arrest details

Name reported: Susana Aime Rizo Herrera


Booking Date: 2/11/2024

Gender: F

Race: White

Height: 5′ 4″

Weight: 190.0 lbs


Charge Description: Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Ever Receiving a License

Charge Description: OWI: Operating a Vehicle with an ACE of .08 to <.15 BAC Charge Description: Illegal Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage: Minor consuming alcohol ** This post is showing arrest information only. This information does not infer or imply guilt of any actions or activity other than their arrest. *Mugshot